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So here it is, this amazing and beautiful inspirational book is ready and here is what it is all about.


Self esteem is, to me, one of the roots of mental health. Which is why I wanted to start my artistic journey with this topic, our body shape and how we see ourselves in the mirror. Also because I, too, suffered from this idea of having the wrong body, and this has had a very bad influence in my everyday life.


Our body shape, the first thing people see when they first look at us. is also often the main attention when in the bathroom or anywhere near a mirror when looking at ourselves.​


Our body has its own language, feelings, and energy. The way we let energies come out of us will decide on our relationships, our jobs, and our life choices.I want to help others the same way I was helped, give back what I received and share the Love, always.​


The goal of this book is to show beauty in everyone. And to help people realise that they are beautiful as long as they believe it. And above all, to encourage everyone to love themselves.​


In the UK, 1 in 4 adult is suffering from mental health*, and I believe it does affect our body health too. I've always believe that in order to have a healthy body, we need a healthy mind.​


This book will be filled with inspirational quotes and photos I have shot especially for this project. It will be in english and translated in french too. Both languages in the same book.​


Who are the subjects?​

The subjects of the book are a cross section of society – there were no conditions or requirements to participate other than being interested in the concept. Subjects range from people totally comfortable with their bodies to up and coming models, to camera-shy people who had never posed for a photoshoot – let alone nude.


About the shooting process.

I did some shots in hotel rooms at the beginning, but then it was shot exclusively in my living room.The black background with side lightings and back lighting allowed me to get people's shapes/contours in a low key manner.I chose to edit the images in black and white because colours and shapes shouldn't influence the way we see and interact with a person.​


What kind of book will this be?​

Shape is going to be an A4 format (210mm x 297mm) portrait-oriented, hardcover coffee table book with at least 68 pages (could be more pages if the target is reached) containing quotes and monochrome photos on high quality paper. This pre sale is used as a fundraising and will cover a first edition run of copies (the amount pre ordered here will help decide how many books will be printed), and all copies ordered will be signed.​


How did I get here?

Photography is in my blood, always have been, funny enough it took me 30 years to know it. And helping others has always been one of my mission. So why not combining the two and create projects like this one, and many others afterwards.I always say, if one person has been touched and inspired by what I'm doing, then it is a success. The main goal is to share the love and create a massive love chain.
As a photographer I am fascinated by people and I love interacting with new people. Shape started last year when I thought about how many people around me, myself included, were affected by self esteem, and it's when I decided to create this project. It is a personal project, a labour of love and one which has formed many new friendships.​


Where is all the money going?​

It will cover all the costs involved in the exhibition prints and the exhibition itself with the book launch and space rental, printing and shipping books.​​​


How can you help?

-You can pre order the book via my website for £30 or more if you want to give more.

-You can share this project to your contacts on social medias and other email contacts.

-If you work as a journalist, you can publish an article about this project.

-Or any other way you can think off :p


Thank you for taking the time to read this far - please support the project by pledging your support and sharing this page with your friends.​



The minimum amount to donate is the book price of £30, there is no limit to the donation amount. Make sure your write your name correctly as it appears on your bank card. This will be important when we send you the book.​When you buy your copy of the book now, this means you bought it and will definitely receive it whether I reach my target or not.​



SHAPE - Shaping your mind to love your shapes

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